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UPDATE 2/19/15: We now have a new website

Registration for this site is now closed our new website is located at  http://www.bailbondver2.bailbondcontinuingeducation.com/  . All current registrants taking courses have until 3/19/15 to complete your current course work after this date this website version will be retired for our new system at which point if you have not completed your course work you will have to restart your course on our new website. Any new registrants please visit our new website at http://www.bailbondver2.bailbondcontinuingeducation.com/  and create a new account to begin taking courses.

Since 1972, the FSAA has supported Florida’s bail agents in many ways. A full-time office staff is available to help answer your questions, coordinate online continuing education and pre-licensing classes, and support Board & Membership efforts.

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Currently, there are two 7-hr. courses available:

Chapter 903: Bail    DFS Course ID# 80830

Chapter 790: Weapons & Firearms    DFS Course ID# 85832


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